Edenvik Reklambyrå

Welcome to Edenvik, a Nordic B2B agency for strategic communication and advertising. Our B2B offer stands on two cornerstones: Our strong Nordic tradition and our Brand Course working model.

We are perhaps the only agency in the Nordic region whose working model is ISO-certified for both quality and environment. Brand Course spotlights the hot issues and the precise needs of our customers and ourselves. It makes our work transparent, both internally and to our customers, and it gives a solid procedure to work from, so that we don’t have to reinvent ourselves over and over again. Instead, we can focus on creating strong, integrated concepts that make a difference. We call them “high-value ideas.”

Most importantly, we like challenges. We love the complexity of understanding business processes, involving many people, targeting multiple markets and conducting long sell-in processes – which often include the need to refine our message during the sales cycle.

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Edenvik Reklambyrå


Västmannagatan 15
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